Retargeting ads for Orthodontist

It’s likely that 80% of your website visitors you are not contacting you.

Retargeting them is how you can turn that around and convert “research now, contact later” prospects into your customers.

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon, then repeatedly seen this product advertised everywhere afterwards? This is retargeting.

After visiting your website, people will be browsing other websites or social media, and seeing your advertisements. It’s a great way of bringing prospects back and establishing strong brand presence.

Why Retargeting is A Crucial Strategy

People often question why retargeting is necessary and if it actually works? We’ll tell you with extensive testing and research that it most definitely makes a difference.

Think about the average person looking for a Orthodontist. This is a huge decision for them and along with a large cost. Most people are going to do extensive research in their area before making a decision.

If they’re in the research phase for a few weeks, they’ll likely browse your site and other competitors’ sites. But then they’ll head on back to their regular internet browsing on their favorite websites and social media.

This is where presenting a retargeting ad AND offer is so crucial.

They’re now aware of you, but haven’t pulled the trigger to schedule an appointment to tour your facility.

If you have proper retargeting advertising code setup on your website you can then show them an ad on the following platforms that caters directly to them. You can get our brand in front of them again on their favorite websites, blogs, facebook and instagram.